It is very easy to use
No special knowledge is required. Installation and setup takes only few minutes.

Built-in Monitoring and Alerts
All functions and margin levels are 24/7 monitored to ensure risks are kept low.

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A Sophisticated Cost Averaging Algorithm

The Robot is secured by a built-in State-of-the-art
“News WatchDog”  that suspend trading during  
 News events that could have Impact on the Market
The trading logic is not static but constantly 
changing and adapting to the actual market conditions. 

During a Volatile market, the price is known to make very fast swings that may cover hundreds of pips.  Such rapid moves cannot break down GEGATRADE PRO

It returns Constant Profits
GEGATRADE PRO EA has been proven to be insensitive to changes in market conditions.

It's proven successful
GEGATRADE  has been tested with historical data and on live trading accounts.

​Fully Automated Forex Expert Advisor!

It is 100% Automated
All trading operations are executed automatically without human interference.

No adjustments are required
You can either use our highly profitable preset Profiles or design your own.

Trading Results   - Verified by MyFxbook & MQL5

Live monitorings do not need comments. Even the best backtesting results do not tell us how the Expert Advisor will behave itself in the real market surrounding. The worth of an Expert Advisor is defined by its actual trading, and not by the balance curve in the backtests. So, here are the monitorings. Look by yourself and check if this trading suits you.